Kendrick Perkins is Such a Joke He Makes Teammates & Fans Over Celebrate his Baskets

Perkins knee hurting

Remember when Kendrick Perkins was a vital piece of teams that wanted to win NBA championships? Those days are gone. These days, the expectations of him are so low that shots he makes in garbage time get a huge standing ovation from fans and his own teammates.

Perkins played for the first time in the conference finals in the game 4 demolition of the Atlanta Hawks. He got five minutes in which he scored 3 points, including a hook shot that drove everybody wild.

He’s only 30, but he’s playing like there’s not much of an NBA career left for him, averaging 4.3 minutes per game in the postseason, left on the bench for the entire game in seven of the Cavs’ 14 games. Considering the Cavaliers aren’t too deep, it says a whole lot about how quickly Perkins has slipped from key starting center to a roster-filler who doesn’t have much of a future in the league.