22 Best Memes of Matthew Dellavedova Becoming the Villain of the NBA Playoffs

Who knew that the surprise star of these NBA playoffs was going to be Matthew Dellavedova, both for his ability to fill in for Kyrie Irving but more because of his involvement in ejections and ankle injuries.

Dellavedova got Taj Gibson ejected in the series against the Bulls. He fell on his legs, or dove on them on purpose. In any case, Gibson kicked him, and got thrown out of the game.

Something similar happened with Al Horford. Horford didn’t kick him, but instead used something he picked up from watching WWE fights, landing on Dellavedova with an elbow, getting thrown out of the game.

And Kyle Korver? Maybe it was on purpose but probably not. In any case, Dellavedova landed on Korver’s ankle and the Hawks’ sharpshooter was out for the playoffs.

So, do Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, now known as the concussion brothers, have something to worry about?

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