NBA Rumors – Miami Heat Thinking Goran Dragic is Replaceable

A very interesting offseason for the Miami Heat, hoping for a quiet one for once. Of all the players up for contract renewal, eventually, Goran Dragic might be the most expendable.

How come a point guard the Heat traded for to try and make the playoffs (and failed) and was supposed to re-sign for a max deal or something close to it becomes the guy they can replace?

Goran Dragic

It splits into two things: Hassan Whiteside, a surprising player that was almost out of the league, turning into a double double machine and someone the Heat value very much, finally giving them a true center, rim protector and presence in the paint, although it does call for some adjustment in lineups and style of play.

The other issue is Dwyane Wade, who wants to opt out of his deal and get a long term one, something the Heat don’t see eye to eye with him. The years (three more seasons) are OK by them, but Wade wants more than the $16 million he’s supposed to make this season. The Heat have other plans, and don’t think that giving him that much money for that amount of time is beneficial for their plans moving forward.

Dragic has a player option worth $7.5 million but he’s going to opt out. That was his plan all along. But with the Heat valuing keeping Wade and Whiteside more than retaining Dragic, they might be looking for a point guard once again this summer.

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