NFL Rumors – Tennessee Titans Expect Justin Hunter to Finally Break Out

The Tennessee Titans are tired of waiting for Justin Hunter to fulfill his potential. After two seasons in the NFL, the talented wide receiver needs to start producing at the level expected of him.

A second round pick in 2013, Hunter has only 46 receptions in 26 games with 7 touchdowns for 852 yards. Sure, there have been quarterback and offensive line issues that have hurt the passing game, but it’s about time Hunter becomes more than just a guy that relies on the quality of quarterback, instead turning into someone any quarterback can be improved by having playing in front of him.

Justin Hunter

I’ve got to get it going. Going into my third year, I’ve got to improve. I can’t falter in any part of my game. At some point, you either get it or you won’t be in this league anymore. That’s the natural order of the NFL. I wouldn’t say I’m pleased or disappointed. I could have done a lot of things better. I know I’m capable of doing better. When I came to Tennessee for college, I had a five-star coming in there — Da’Rick. He pushed me. I’m not a stranger to it. … You know there’s some competition for you. He’s another big guy. There’s a lot of competition in the room here.

It’s not all bad with Hunter. He makes big plays, as a very high percentage of his receptions have been for six points. The 18.5 yards per reception is nothing to scoff at either. But he disappears too many times, with zero or one reception in more than half of his NFL games.

Some call it focus, others attention to detail. Whatever the exact name for his problems are, the Titans can’t afford to have him still be figuring it out, and there’s an upgraded competition for time at wide receiver after this year’s draft, which might finally push Hunter to stand out.

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