NFL Rumors – Seattle Seahawks Have Only R.J. Archer to Backup Russell Wilson

Despite negotiations moving slowly, the Seattle Seahawks don’t really have any other options at quarterback except for Russell Wilson. There’s R.J. Archer… and that’s it. B.J. Daniels is destined to fill a different role.

Daniels, who was a 7th round pick in the 2013 draft by the 49ers, is basically a wide receiver now. If ever a quarterback had leverage over his team despite their unwillingness to pay him the kind of money he wants (which should be around the $100 million for five years Cam Newton just got), Wilson has it an abundance right now.

Image: Source
Image: Source

Archer wasn’t drafted in 2010 and bounced around the league for a few years, joining the Seahawks three months ago. It’s hard to say if he’ll last training camp and actually be on the team once the season begins, but it’s not like the Seahawks have too many options. They’ve put themselves in a position of having Wilson, who wants a new deal, and basically no one else.

With Ryan Tannehill and Newton getting massive deals this offseason; with Colin Kaepernick getting one last year from the 49ers; it’s hard to believe Wilson will be left out of the loop. It might turn the Seahawks into something they’ve been trying to avoid, but WIlson has done everything asked, expected and needed of him and more. It might be weird talking about ‘deserve’, but there’s a thing such as market value when compared to similar players. Wilson should get that money, especially as he has zero to back him up in case of an injury.