32 Best Memes of LeBron James & the Cleveland Cavaliers Choking Against the Golden State Warriors

To score 44 points and have an entire section of NBA memes mocking you is probably something that can only happen to LeBron James, unable to pull the Cleveland Cavaliers to victory against the Golden State Warriors.

Some call it choking. Others might call it being exhausted and simply playing the wrong way against a better team that has a long list of playmakers. The Cavs made the Warriors look bad, but managed to mess up the leads they built throughout the game.

Besides the loss in a completely winnable game, the main concern now for the Cavaliers is how Kyrie Irving’s ankle will recover from his slip. He has three days to try and get ready for game 2. Without him, it’s going to be very difficult for the Cavs to actually do something in this series.

James didn’t choke. If it wasn’t for his 44 points (on 38 shots), the Cavs probably would have been out of the winnable situation very early on in the game. Too bad people are waiting for him to fall, and even in an incredible game of basketball from him, he gets to end up as the loser. Not just on the scoreboard, but in the minds of those who set the one.

Injure yourself The Choker Going to the WNBA Cavs in overtime LeBron-Jordan crying Change in smiles After game 1

Aand they still lost

When Curry Got u

LeBron in overtime

Before the cramping

LeBron in the 4th

LeBron heading to Overtime

Easier than

Only in overtime

You didn't tell me

LeBron crying & choking

Am I back in New York

LeBron brick

Talk to me then

Shoots 38 times


Overtime too hard

LeBron be quiet

D Green Donkey from Shrek

Curry has LeBron

LeBron James trying meme

Trash both times

Not this time


Stole his talent

Rile Curry game

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