29 Best Memes of LeBron James, Matthew Dellavedova & the Cleveland Cavaliers Surviving Against Stephen Curry & the Golden State Warriors

When both sides choke in the 4th quarter and overtime, is it still choking? Or simply fatigue in the absence of a better word? That’s certainly true for LeBron James, who hardly gets a minute of rest, and the short handed Cleveland Cavaliers, managing to not fall apart in another overtime game against the Golden State Warriors, thanks to Matthew Dellavedova, who’ll probably be appearing in Stephen Curry’s nightmares for a night or two.

Is Dellavedova the answer to Curry, a player no one really had an idea on how to stop? Part of it, although it truly was a bad shooting day for Curry that might not return, not at this levels of abysmality. LeBron wasn’t exactly hitting jumpers left and right, not to mention getting butchered in the paint, endorsed by the officials. But he made two key assists in overtime that played a huge part in winning the game.

Two games into the finals, and the Warriors can feel lucky they’re not down 0-2. They somehow managed to come back in game 1 thanks to small ball, but their game 2 comeback was made available due to hack-a-Thompson and the Cavaliers going into their weird LeBron vs the world mode, as he’s barely standing on his feet, and everyone just stands and watches him make bad decisions before realizing he has to change.

In a series that is about adjustments and little players having big moments, it’s good to be able to make fun of millionaires and global icons. This time, despite being such an adorable figure, Curry is the one that is made fun of the most.

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