NBA Finals – Cavaliers vs Warriors Game 5 Predictions

The Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers are tied at 2-2, but after the blowout win in game 4, it’s clear who has the momentum going into game 5, and it’s not LeBron James, that’s for sure.

James scored just 22 points and seemed to be running on empty from pretty early in the third quarter. That seems to be true for almost everyone on the Cavs, who probably needed the two-day rest more than the Warriors, and maybe playing a little bit of garbage time late in that game can be beneficial as well. They needed the time to find an answer to what the Warriors threw at them.

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Well, I’m in a spot where I have to be very productive, and that’s just the spot I’ve always been in. I think when you get to a championship-level type game with it being 2-2, I don’t think anyone has the momentum. Obviously, everyone would say them because they’re coming back home, and then after the game they had the other night, but the momentum starts once the game starts.

He’s wrong about no one having the momentum; with the Warriors blowing them out in the previous game, they clearly have it right now. But momentum isn’t that big of a thing in a finals series when there are good enough coaches and players to make the right adjustments. Blow outs don’t necessarily mean as much as the margin in that specific game does.

There’s certainly also pressure on David Blatt to find a way to put some juice and life into his backcourt, which was stifled by the Warriors in game 4. Matthew Dellavedova wasn’t a hero two times in a row, while J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert need to produce, otherwise even a gallant performance from LeBron James or more offensive rebounds from the Thompson/Mozgov duo won’t be very helpful.

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We’ve had a couple of days here to recover. I believe that’s going to be helpful. his is a tough series for both teams, a lot of things happening. It’s the best-of-three to win the NBA championship, the world championship. So I like the situation we’re in. I like the challenge that’s in front of us, and I can’t wait to play tomorrow.

But one big question just about getting more out of his shooters. It’s about the way the Cavaliers play. Is one game of really falling apart enough to drastically scrap your previous plans and go with something else? Isn’t it really a second time, after the overtime period and a little bit of the fourth quarter in game 1 that the small ball hasn’t gotten to the Cavaliers?

Blatt isn’t revealing his cards. And just like Kerr “lied” about his decisions, don’t expect Blatt to share what’s really on his mind.

If you look at the one game, it makes you think, `OK, we’ve got to change this, that and the other thing. If you look at the four games, in three out of four of those games we were pretty good doing the things that we did. So I think you’ll see a combination of both of those possibilities. We’re going to play our game. We’ve gotten to this point by playing the way we play, and we’re not going to change.

As great as James has been for most of this series, it’s mostly up to the Warriors. They give Steve Kerr more options to fool around with, and even giving him the option to completely bench Andrew Bogut, who doesn’t have much use in this series. And maybe all the adjustments and changes don’t mean anything. If the Warriors, regardless of the name, make their shots at about 40% from beyond the arc, it doesn’t really matter what the Cavaliers do.

After struggling (and losing one) in the first two home games, Kerr is hoping to see something a little bit different in game 5, playing once again at the Oracle Center. Home court advantage has to mean something.

I think if you look at the entire playoffs, the first two games at home have been a struggle. Part of that is just trying to adapt to your opponent and get a feel for what they’re doing. Easing into the series. Not easing in, but trying to get a grasp on what you’re wanting to accomplishment. So I think we should be better tomorrow because we have a feel for our opponent, and I’m looking for a better game at home.