Copa America – Day 5 Predictions (Chile vs Mexico, Ecuador vs Bolivia)

After every team has played their opening match, we’re off to the second round in the group stage, kicking off with Group A, where Chile will play the disappointing Mexico while Ecuador face off against Bolivia.

Mexico, sending something of a B squad to the tournament, looked bad in their 0-0 draw with Bolivia. This means that a loss against Chile could seriously complicate things for them, although it might not be that they’re not too worried about qualifying to the next stage.

Image: Source
Image: Source

Chile are obviously the favorites heading into this match, and will rely on the ability of Alexis Sanchez once again. There’s more than just him on this team, but as it was in the win over the difficult Ecuador, it’s likely going to be his unique ability that generates most of the opportunities and possibly goals for Chile, who are in the next round if they don’t lose this match.

Ecuador facing off against Bolivia is one of the less enticing matchups we have in this competition, but the fact that there’s no clear favorite might force Bolivia to play a little bit more open and to try their hands at some actual attacking football.

Ecuador are a limited side as well and in general have the same home climate advantage that Bolivia do but have been able to evolve beyond that handicap. If this match turns into a fast pace one and not just a tactical snore fest, Ecuador should have the upper hand.