40 Best Memes of LeBron James & the Cleveland Cavaliers Losing the NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors

As can be expected, the memes following the Golden State Warriors winning the NBA Championship for the first time in 40 years focused more on the losers and especially LeBron James than the team and players on the winning side.

Because James, win or lose, good or bad, is the biggest draw in the NBA. The Finals had the best ratings in over a decade because of his presence and the storylines he presents. His popularity and exposure also makes it easy to hate him, which is obvious through the gloating people feel in seeing him lose.

Andre Iguodala won the MVP, and he shows up in a few of these here. Most of them mocking LeBron James, as you might expect. It’s the popular thing to do these days.

Maybe the funniest meme in all of this bunch (the first on the list) has to do with soccer as much as it has to do with the NBA. Everyone was quite surprised when Lionel Messi, after losing in the World Cup final, was awarded with the best player award (MVP, more or less). Riffing on that is an excellent choice, especially among all the LeBron jokes out there, which are very good in their own right, but can get tiresome. Oh, and we couldn’t leave Jon Snow out of this.

Messi MVP 4 Finals Don't worry Cleveland Keeping Promises I AM KIng Taking out the All-NBA Team Blowing it away Wade be like Shirts on the way Where to next Got no help James already won a championship NOt 1, not 2, not 3 Finals MVP How many losses But did you win Sending out Resumes Celebrating in Cleveland About a week ago meme New LeBron Number Steph be like The Trash Bros Curry trash talk How come LeBron don't want me Good choice Can't win without us Team Photo Beyonce should have won Stephen A Smith Curse Kobe Bryant is happy Worst nightmare Riley Curry singing Great tattoo Sorry about last year LeBron Text Got EEM Joke LeBron Google Looking for this Go Back For the Watch

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