NFL Rumors – Houston Texans Still Can’t Choose a Starting Quarterback

One of the reasons the Houston Texans have missed the playoffs two years in a row is their quarterback situation. With Ryan Mallett and Brian Hoyer competing for the job, there’s still no clear leader in the competition to be the starter.

According to the Houston Chronicle, keeping tabs on the offseason workouts and progress of both players, for better or worse, do not look substantially different in running the offense during OTAs. They have good and bad sessions, neither look particularly accurate or distinguished themselves significantly during observed OTAs. Sounds very promising.

Brian Hoyer, Ryan Mallett, Tom Savage

Hoyer started for the Browns 13 times last season, in which they went 7-6. He completed just 55.3% of his passes, throwing 12 touchdown passes and 13 interceptions. After the initial enthusiasm from having a team that is actually in the playoff picture, Hoyer’s limitations were revealed, and it was quite clear the Browns did well despite of him, not because of him.

Mallett got the first two starts of his career last season despite being in the league since 2011. He didn’t show great promise, completing 54.7% of his passes, throwing a couple of touchdowns and a couple of picks.

After the expected disappointment from Ryan Fitzpatrick last season (not a terrible quarterback, but not one you can make the playoffs with), there’s a good chance things are going to be even worse for a team with some great defensive players and playmakers on offense, but a very bad situation at the most important and influential position.

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