Stephen Curry Meme Showing How Ignorant LeBron James Haters Are

Curry Trophies Meme

Not one of the two NBA titles LeBron James ended up winning had anything to do with officials. Playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2015 NBA Finals didn’t change that. The Golden State Warriors, with Stephen Curry, had more calls going their way they didn’t deserve than the best player in the world so many “fans” love to hate.

The officials didn’t change the result of the finals. The Warriors won because they were the better team. But would some games have been different had the calls gone both way in a fair way? Weren’t the Cavaliers held to a higher standard by the officials throughout most of the series when it came to taking and dishing out hits in the paint?

The point of this short post isn’t to try and tell the reader a story about an alternate reality in which the Cavaliers win the title. Maybe we’re in a multiverse and it does exist, but it doesn’t matter. The point is this meme suggests James was somehow carried by the officials in this series, and it’s completely ridiculous. People give James credit for what he did in these NBA Finals, but not enough of them.

Sure, it’s easy to focus on how much ESPN loves him, but it’s a business, and you put the lightning rod for views and comments at the front of your business, love or hate him. That hate for him for reasons that no longer matter (he’s found other ways to piss people off this season) creates these lies about referees, and glorifies Curry and the Warriors even more than they deserve.

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