What Neymar Actually Said to Referee Enrique Osses

A four-match suspension for Neymar which means no more Copa America for him didn’t stop Brazil from qualifying to the quarterfinals. But why exactly was the Brazilian star punished so severely by CONMEBOL?

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After Brazil lost 1-0 to Colombia on June 17 in the group stage match, Neymar kicked a ball at Pablo Armero which got him sent off after the match. Carlos Bacca pushed Neymar which resulted in him getting red carded as well. But that wasn’t the end of it.

You want to make yourself famous, you son of a bitch. You want to make yourself famous at my expense.

Neymar didn’t get physical with the Chilean official, Enrique Osses, who has seen his fair share of criticism during the 2014 World Cup in the match between Italy and Costa Rica. The reports of him strangling the referee seem to be rumors, nothing more.

But Neymar did do quite a lot on the pitch before insulting the official (also trying to headbutt Jeison Murillo), but the four match ban came for waiting for Osses in the tunnel and then hurling insults at him.