Cam Newton Makes an Excellent Deflategate Joke About Tom Brady

I am one of those who believe Tom Brady knew everything that was going on in the deflategate scandal, and probably was the one who ordered doctoring those balls. Cam Newton might think the same way. He has no problem making jokes about it.

We’ve actually heard quite a few quarterbacks defending Brady and saying it’s no big deal, listing their own infringements when it comes to ball pressure. We haven’t heard active quarterbacks attacking Brady, which is surprising considering he plays for the New England Patriots.

Well, Newton isn’t exactly attacking him here. He’s simply holding an under inflated ball during the Cam Newton QB Skills Challenge, and made the best reference possible to the situation of holding that kind of ball. He made fun of Tom Brady, a person who probably takes himself a little bit too seriously, although if his appeal goes well, he’s in for one hell of an apology from the NFL.

Image: Source
Image: Source