NFL Rumors – Seattle Seahawks Negotiations With Russell Wilson Continues to be About Trading Media Jabs

There have been chummier negotiation and contract talks compared to what we’re seeing from the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson, as it seems that threatening each other through the media is a big part of the process this time.

Rumor has it Wilson is looking for a five year, $110 million deal in order to stay on with the Seahawks. He says he isn’t afraid to play somewhere else when it’s all said and done, doesn’t mind being traded or even switch to baseball if that’s what’s required of him. In short, he’s flexing his muscles because the Seahawks, for now, aren’t caving in to his demands.

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At the end of the day I trust the process. I know God’s going to take me and put me where he wants to have me. I hope that’s Seattle. I love it there, it’s a great place. But I’ve gone through the ups and downs and been moved around before. I loved NC State and loved playing there and then having to go somewhere else and start new.

As mentioned, Wilson doesn’t mind, according to him and his agent, staying one more year with the Seahawks and playing on the final year of his rookie deal, which means making $1.54 million in base salary. Then will come the interesting part, with the Seahawks having the option of using the franchise tag on Wilson for 2016 which means paying more than $23 million, and even through 2018 with growing costs, but that’s not going to happen without a new deal signed.

These standoffs, especially when it comes to quarterbacks, usually end with a new deal. It’s rare to see someone as good as Wilson slipping away from a team he won a Super Bowl with and played in another. But maybe the Seahawks do believe that the main reason for their success isn’t the man in the most important position in the sport, but their ability to bring in young, cheap talent and not go overboard when it comes to paying their players. Wilson is trying to break that mold, evne if he knows it means playing on a weakened team.