NFL Rumors – Cleveland Browns Sign Terrelle Pryor

Reality, not a rumor anymore. The Cleveland Browns have signed Terrelle Pryor shortly after the former Oakland Raiders player announced he’s no longer a quarterback, instead focusing on playing wide receiver or even tight end to try and save what’s left of his NFL career.

This is a low risk move for the Browns, even if everyone is suggesting the ‘same old Browns’ joke for no reason. There’s no guarantee in this deal and Pryor could be back without a team before the season begins, or even way before that. He used to be a quarterback, a position that’s far from solidified for the Browns (Josh McCown, Johnny Manziel), but that’s not the role he’s going to be playing for them.

Image: Source
Image: Source

Pryor, who last played for the Raiders in 2013 and put up some very impressive rushing numbers but also struggled with his passing, because of both himself and his poor offensive line protection, realized he’s not going to be part of this league if he doesn’t make a position change. Any confidence or faith anyone had in him as a QB in this league has faded away, maybe unjustifiably so, but it doesn’t matter.

Pryor getting this kind of shot from the Browns takes us to Tim Tebow, who everyone recommended him to switch positions because of the zero interest shown around the league in him while he was trying to get a quarterback job. But Tebow, after a year of working on his game and doing some playcalling on ESPN got himself a job as a quarterback, at least for training camp. If he actually starts the season it’ll be surprising, but it does say something about how even those that are painful to watch throwing the ball can work on their flaws.