Gonzalo Jara Gets Edinson Cavani Sent Off; Referee Sandro Ricci is an Idiot

In a low moment for this Copa America and football in general, Chile’s Gonzalo Jara managed to get Edinson Cavani from Uruguay sent off in the Copa America quarterfinals by pretty much molesting him and then feigning an injury, while Brazilian referee Sandro Ricci made the worst possible call in the situation.

Jara, not the most ethical of players (here he is grabbing Luis Suarez’ crotch), with Chile¬†and Uruguay tied at 0-0 at the time (Ended being a 1-0 win for the hosts, moving on the semifinals), got into it with Cavani and while the referee was busy doing something else, he pretty much grabbed Cavani from behind and stuck a finger up his butt. Yes. All through the clothes, and I find it hard to believe I’m writing down these words, but that is what happened.
Jara, Cavani

Next? Cavani gives Jara a gentle tap on the chin and the Chilean defender goes down as if he was punched by a professional boxer. Ricci had enough of the shenanigans, but instead of sending Jara to the dressing rooms, he gave Cavani a second yellow card and sent him off for being provoked and making the slightest of reactions, which was complete acceptable given the circumstances.

Uruguay also lost Jorge Fucile to a second yellow card in the 88th minute and manager Oscar Tabarez was sent off as well at the end of the match, not going down quietly with the ship, unable to control himself after an appalling refereeing performance, which some would say feels more than a little bit suspicious.

Uruguay, the defending champions, are going home. They scored only two goals in four matches and looked bad throughout the tournament. Without Luis Suarez, this current generation of players doesn’t really have much to show at this level. Chile didn’t play well, dragged down to Uruguay’s level, but Jara was able to reach a new low.