NBA Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers Likely to Re-Sign LeBron James & Kevin Love After Opting Out

Both Kevin Love and LeBron James, at least according to what they’re saying, are planning to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers next season. But both of them have also opted out of their contracts. So should Cavaliers fans be worried?

Hard to say. Love has been saying all along, including during the NBA finals when he was watching in “civilian” clothing his teammates lose to the Golden State Warriors in six games, that he wants to play next season for the Cavaliers. Opting out? That’s about getting a new deal, probably a max contract, and this entire thing is based on finances, nothing else.

Image: Source
Image: Source

Love might actually meet with teams, but he’s giving the Cavaliers first priority, at least according to sources, which as usual, keeps everyone in the dark.

And how about James? His return to the Cavaliers made a splash, and seemed to be the final move he’ll make during his prime. But he’s opting out of his one-year remaining deal (Worth $21.5 million). Why? Obviously, he can sign a better deal now so maybe it’s all about money and making the most of his ability to earn.

But there have been musings about James wanting to see what the Cavaliers do in the offseason. Not that there’s a whole lot they can do. They have Kyrie Irving signed, they want to sign Love and James, they’re also keeping Timofey Mozgov. They want to keep Tristan Thompson as well, or at least James wants them to keep him. That doesn’t leave a lot of money left for other moves, not to mention the enormous tax bill they’ll be paying this season.

Love and James were spotted by Jensen Karp in Los Angeles having some sort of meeting by the pool. Is it something to do with free agency? Going to the Lakers together? Probably not the latter, but you never do know. It might just be the two of them hanging out, nothing more.

But during the free agency period, everything becomes bigger, more dramatic and suspicious. There are a number of different motives and reasons players do things, and most of them have to do with the money they’re going to earn. However, in both James’ and Love’s case, despite their pledge to stay with their current team, you never can tell if they have something else on their mind.