NBA Rumors – Phoenix Suns & Sacramento Kings Interested in Eric Bledsoe Trade?

Despite being the team’s best player, the Phoenix Suns aren’t against the idea of trading Eric Bledsoe. A point guard hungry team like the Sacramento Kings won’t be against adding him to their roster.

Bledsoe averaged 17 points, 5.2 rebounds and 6.1 assists per game in his second season with the Suns, this time not missing almost half of it due to injury. The Suns still missed the playoffs but the 25-year old guard was exciting to watch more often than not and was able to keep the Suns, in the playoff picture for most of the season before falling out of the race in the final stretch.

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The Kings, despite the heaps of rumors about DeMarcus Cousins leaving, seem to be focused on adding a point guard. They’ve been linked to almost every free agent PG out there, from Rajon Rondo to Jeremy Lin in particular. And Bledsoe? If the Suns are actually trading him, the Kings are in contention, especially with Bledsoe and Cousins being ex-Kentucky teammates.

It’s not quite clear what the Suns are planning. After two years of narrowly missing out on a playoff spot, there’s a chance that they’ll begin the tanking process they were meant to start two years ago. Brandon Knight is the guard they’re going to give a max deal according to all indications, which might make it redundant to keep both him and Bledsoe on the team.

Bledsoe has a pretty workable contract for the production he gives, with four more seasons and $58 million on it. It might seemed like a lot last summer, but the salary cap keeps going up, and will get a significant boost a year from now, making Bledsoe’s contract one of the best-valued in the NBA for someone who can put up these kind of numbers.

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