NBA Rumors – Sacramento Kings Close to Signing Rajon Rondo

With very little demand after a terrible finish to the season, Rajon Rondo seems bound to join the Sacramento Kings, the only team to show a consistent interest in the enigmatic point guard.

The Kings aren’t the only team asking and looking after Rondo, but it seems they’re the most serious about it, and even have Rudy Gay recruiting him and making an aggressive push as possible for the player.

Image: Source
Image: Source

One thing is clear though: Rondo is going after a one year deal. Last season with the Mavericks significantly hurt his market value, and he’s not oblivious to it. But Rondo believes that after one year of bringing back the faith in his ability to produce numbers and be a productive, helpful part of a team, the offers will be much better.

In any case, it makes sense for almost every player who has more than two or three good years left to give to take a short, one-year deal this season. When the salary cap rises by $20 million (or more) in 12 months from now, it makes sense to be in available and in demand.

While the Kings are closing in on a point guard, the saga over their head coach isn’t over. The Kings are trying to work out a way and get rid of George Karl without it costing them money after the debacle with DeMarcus Cousins. However, who is going to come in for them if it actually happens? Not John Calipari, for the 1000th time.