Anthony Davis Meme Compliments & Makes Fun (of his Unibrow) at the Same Time

Anthony Davis unibrow Meme

While he’s going to wait one season for his new contract to kick in, Anthony Davis has to be happy with the massive deal he signed with the New Orleans Pelicans, which is the biggest one for any NBA player in history, including those with just one brow.

But jokes aside, $145 million for five years is beyond massive. It takes advantage of the Derrick Rose rule that allows teams to extend players still on their rookie deals they intend to make their designated player, which is something like beyond just a franchise player, and pay him beyond what the league usually defines as a max salary.

But this also puts pressure on Davis, who made the playoffs for the first time last season, his third in the league. It’s more pressure on him to play like an MVP (which he has for a season and maybe more), but also prove he’s worth clogging the cap with that kind of salary.

A lot of players in this league are maximum salary players, but most of them don’t deserve that kind of money. Not that we’re being peanut butter and jealous over their salaries, but when you eat up such a big chunk of the salary cap, you need to prove you’r worth all the talent you’re losing to other teams by being unable to sign them.