14 Best Memes of Jason Pierre-Paul Injuring his Hand With Fireworks

The offseason is a time to focus on strange things, as nothing actually happens  with the NFL teams besides training camp. So you can imagine Jason Pierre-Paul injuring his hand because something went wrong while messing about with 4th of July fireworks will grab the attention of the meme makers.

While making fun of someone’s injury isn’t exactly the classiest thing to do, the Internet isn’t a place for the soft at heart or those looking for class and dignity. Athletes who make millions will be ridiculed at every opportunity fans and people in general get, so Pierre-Paul actually missing out on a $60 million contract because of this, if it actually happens, won’t generate any sympathy.

So from Happy Gilmore jokes to some Game of Thrones reference and mentioning Madden ratings, here is the best the Internet was able to come up with while the Giants try and figure out how serious the injury really is.

JPP Be Like New Madden Rating JPP Happy Gilmore Wiki page JPP Take my strong hand Jpp be like II JPP Acme JPP Hand Great success New JPP Figure Fireworks are fun Jaime Lannister joke JPP New Role Still better hands than Bryant

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