34 Best Memes of DeAndre Jordan Screwing the Dallas Mavericks & Re-Signing With the Los Angeles Clippers

A word means nothing when it comes from the mouth of DeAndre Jordan, who backed out on an agreement with the Dallas Mavericks only to re-sign with the Los Angeles Clippers. The craziness of the day of reckoning for both teams and player generated some fantastic memes.

It was a surreal situation. As it turns out, according to Mark Cuban, Jordan hasn’t spoken to him since Tuesday, which means he’s been having second thoughts for a while, and not something in the last minute. The emoji battle on Twitter and the Clippers assembling to reach Jordan’s house and pretty much barricade him in there until he signs doesn’t sound like something you’d expect from an NBA team and players.

Chandler Parsons might be a great recruiter, but it didn’t last for more than five days. Now the Clippers, after adding Lance Stephenson and Paul Pierce, can once again feel like next year will be their year. The Dallas Mavericks? They’re out of contention for any serious free agents (none actually left), and don’t look like a team good enough to make the playoffs next season.

As far as we know, the Clippers and Jordan didn’t do anything illegal in terms of the NBA “constitution”. But even if this has happened before (Turkoglu, McDyess), this smells bad from every direction, and the difference in days between free agency period and actually signing days allowed Jordan and the Clippers to make a mockery of the league in a way that should result in some changes.

Fight with the girlfriend Swat The real reason he came back Deception Mavs fans right now Signed DeAndre Borat The indecision Waiting for midnight Cuban be like Bodyguards Waiting for Aldridge to change his mind No answer Doc Rivers outside the house Slipping the pill Mavs Nation at DeAndre's House Wrong number Kidnapped Hiding from Cuban Cuban outside the house Bad Word Lillard waiting Drexler Tweet Sad Hijack Got eem Stuck outside We Good More of a man Home Alone Taken 4 DeAndre Home Alone Home Alone 2 After signing

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