Transfer Rumors 2015 – Manchester City Will Sign Raheem Sterling From Liverpool

With Liverpool heading to their Asian tour without Raheem Sterling, it seems that Manchester City signing the young England international is something that will be completed within a matter of hours.

For how much? Sterling is going to cost them at least £45 million and perhaps a little bit more, which does sound outrageous considering his age, his output and the money spent by other clubs on players who are more accomplished and possibly better.

Image: Source
Image: Source

Right now these are just twitter rumors, but when you follow the procedure and everything that’s happened between the player and the club since the end of the season, it would have always come to this moment.

Sterling has done everything he can, through his agent and with his own words when conversing with the media, to create a rift between himself and the club. Liverpool haven’t seemed too eager to let him go, but have made moves to ensure they’re not downgraded by selling him, signing Roberto Firmino which means someone from the attacking midfield or wings had to go.

Is this another case of an England international getting way overpriced and headed for a failure at a club that usually pays players a lot more than they deserve? Or is the story here Liverpool and their inability to keep their best players year after year? It might be both, although with the increased money coming in from the new TV deal for the Premier League, not being in the Champions League isn’t such a big snag for clubs like Liverpool, who seemed to have made some good moves this summer so far and aren’t done making moves.