Russell Westbrook Impersonation Done Perfectly

Being one of the more intense players in the NBA, Russell Westbrook is an excellent platform to pull impersonations off. Turns out there’s someone who acts like Westbrook even better than Westbrook himself.

Twitter user B.A. (@BdotAdot5) took his friend @That_Guyy23 and went outside for a session of basketball and filming.

What happened next? B.A. got everything right. The way Westbrook dunks and the faces he makes when hyping himself and the crowd up. He did the mid-range jumper (he even made it) and every little mannerism in Westbrook’s whole performance.

Even Westbrook himself was approving, and Westbrook doesn’t usually come off as someone with a great sense of humor. He probably just hates journalists, but when you dress like that to press conferences, you 100% have a funny bone in your body.

Image: Source
Image: Source