NBA Rumors – Miami Heat Trying to Get Rid of Mario Chalmers Via Trade

Last season didn’t go as planned for the Miami Heat or Mario Chalmers, and it might result in the point guard getting traded, although it’s not exactly easy finding a team to take him at the moment.

Chalmers signed a two-year, $8.3 million deal in 2014 after a fourth consecutive final with the Heat. He seemed like one of the players who were going to flourish without LeBron James, getting more chances to touch the ball and create something themselves.

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Image: Source

But Chalmers didn’t take an extra step forward. He played half the season off the bench (37 starts in 80 games), averaging 10.2 points in 29.6 minutes a night. The Heat were slightly worse when he wasn’t on the floor (-1.8 net rating per 100 possessions), but it doesn’t look like they’re counting on him for next season.

Chalmers played a big part in the two titles the Heat won in 2012 and 2013. While sometimes looking helpless and clueless on both ends of the floor, he also had some big games on offense during the two championships, never afraid to take big shots, and not letting the constant shouting from pretty much everyone on the team get to him.

Chalmers did play a lot more shooting guard last season or next to another point guard in smaller lineups than before. His shooting from long range took a dive last season. After hovering around 40% in the previous three seasons, he shot just 29.4% from beyond the arc, and maybe has outplayed his usefulness in Miami.