27 Best Memes of Tom Brady Destroying his Cellphone & Still Being Suspended

The absurdity of Deflategate continues as Tom Brady remains suspended for four games to the dismay of the New England Patriots, and the memes focus on the situation, as well as the cell phone drama developing.

Cell phone? Yes. Brady wouldn’t let investigators from the NFL go into his phone and check his texts. He didn’t have to. This isn’t a police investigation. But Brady has been doing some very suspicious stuff, like breaking and destroying his phone the day he was supposed to be questioned about Deflategate.

Not just that. Brady says he always destroys his cell phones when he replaces them. But his previous phone, from November, wasn’t destroyed. Guilty? A lot of circumstantial evidence and probables here, but nothing completely solid.

In any case, there are two sides to this story. The absurdity of the NFL pursuing something that probably had very little effect on the game so viciously, but also Brady cheating, getting caught and despite everyone, including Patriots fans, knowing that he lied about it, he carries on with claiming complete innocence. It isn’t over.

NFL Logic


New Brady Kit

Aaron Hernandez advice

New phone

But did you see it rain

Breaking the phone

Balls are heavy

Wasn't me

The last time they didn't cheat

Cheating is awesome

New Madden W Cheat Codes

Caught him

Shitty controller


Luck vs Patriots

Pats fans logic

NFL Meme


Lance Armstrong is a fan

Deflated Ball song

Just like me

Something is not right

Obi Wan

Bundy doesn't cheat

Tom Brady Cell Phone

Hide yo cell phone

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