NFL Rumors – Oakland Raiders Might Not Hold on to Trent Richardson

Image: Source
Image: Source

More and more voices coming out of the Oakland Raiders training camp are suggesting that Trent Richardson might be released by the team before the season is over.

It’s incredible how quickly things have fallen apart for Richardson. He was the third overall pick in the 2012 draft after an impressive career at Alabama. He ran for 950 yards and 11 touchdowns during his rookie year with the Cleveland Browns. Not the most impressive numbers and never too efficient (3.6 yards per carry) but he played on an offense without a passing game, so it made sense finding yards wasn’t easy.

Then came the surprising trade to the Colts. A piece to help Andrew Luck, to help the Colts make a Super Bowl run. He cost the Colts a first round pick. In return, in almost two seasons, he gave the team 977 yards (3.1 per carry) and six touchdowns.

The competition he’s facing in Oakland might not be elite, but he’s up against some good players. Latavius Murray who impressed in the time he got to perform last season, Roy Helu and Michael Dyer.

So what are his chances?¬†According to this tweet, 50%. The Raiders aren’t going to have four running backs on the roster when the season begins. The way things have been going for Richardson, it won’t be surprising to see him start 2015 without a team to be on.