NFL Rumors: New York Giants Breaking Radio Silence With Jason Pierre-Paul

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The only player among those with the franchise tagged used on them that didn’t sign a one-year or long term deal is Jason Pierre-Paul of the New York Giants, still recovering from his hand injury, including a finger amputation. Finally, some things between the sides are starting to clear up.

After a long time of no communication between Pierre-Paul and the Giants, it seems that general manager Jerry Reese and the defensive end spoke on the phone. Did anything change? Not really.

At the moment, it seems Pierre-Paul won’t sign a tender until he can pass a physical. However, there is very little doubt regarding whether or not he’ll actually play. Pierre-Paul intends to play, it’s just not quite clear when will that be.

A two-time Pro Bowler and one-time All-Pro, Pierre-Paul was the 15th overall pick in the 2010 draft. He has played in all 16 games of the regular season four times out of his five seasons in the league, picking up 42 sacks, including 12.5 last season, which was something of a bounce back year for him individually, while the Giants continue to stutter, unable to make the playoffs since winning the Super Bowl in 2011.

Before his July 4 injury due to mishandling fireworks in his hand, Pierre-Paul was en route to receive a massive contract extension, which makes sense considering the Giants used the franchise tag on him. Now, from one of the more dominant pass rushers in the NFL, he’s become someone with a very unclear future, and almost certainly without the kind of big money he had coming his way.

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