NFL Rumors – Washington Redskins & Houston Texans Brawled Because They Wanted to End Practice

Redskins Texans Brawl

Besides the Washington Redskins and Houston Texans players getting together for a massive brawl to end a join-practice session, there was also some nice fan-service from rookie Kendall Lamm, who didn’t let the rain or the sour atmosphere stop him from interacting with fans.

But let’s begin with the bad, which was the two teams getting together with fists, shoves and what not to end a three-day practice with massive brawl and leading to both teams separating and eventually practicing on separate fields. Maybe the funniest thing was how players on each team congratulated themselves for sticking up for each other. Who started it? Depends on who you ask.

Chris Baker, Redskins defensive lineman: They came out here trying to be tough guys today, but it didn’t work.

Brian Cushing, Texans linebacker: Definitely don’t want to have a soft football team and I definitely don’t think we have that.

D’Angelo Hall of the Redskins, on the sidelines with an injury, said that a Texans coach told him some bad feelings stemmed from a hit on Friday, in which running back Matt Jones ran over Texans cornerback Kevin Johnson at the end of a run. Johnson went low on a tackle of Redskins fullback Jordan Campbell on Saturday. Things started heating up from there.

On other fields with other practices, other fights bursted out, involving (initially) Kenny Hilliard, Baker and Ben Jones.

BakerThe offensive lineman came out and tried to clean me out of the pocket so I asked him what was up. We got into an argument, I took my helmet off and he hooked me with a right hook and we got to fighting.

Redskins tight end Niles Paul: We were in the run game and we feel they were being overly aggressive, so we got aggressive back and things happened.

Pierre Garcon suggested that the fights broke out because players were tired of practicing in the rain, and maybe the days leading up to the third helped build the tension that finally exploded over the weekend.

And there were also fans there. According to redditor masterblaster009, a lot of young Texans fans withstood the rain and wind, hoping that J.J. Watt or some other notable player from the Texans will come up to them at the end of practice for some signatures. But when it was over, all of them left.

Almost all of them. Undrafted rookie Kendall Lamm, who most of the kids and those in attendance didn’t know about (#63) jogged the length of the field to pay attention to the fans, signing some stuff and taking a few pictures, before hurrying to catch the team bus.

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