Worst Chelsea Losses Under Jose Mourinho

When we look over the career of Jose Mourinho specifically as the manager of Chelsea, we learn that he doesn’t experience losing very often, and certainly not getting crushed by three goals. But there still have been some low moments over the years, even if what’s usually remembered are the titles and Mourinho’s own reactions to situations.

Manchester City Crush Chelsea to Start Off the Season

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The week was a bad one for Mourinho because of the Eva Carneiro mess which wouldn’t come off the headlines, and then came a poor display from his players and his own tactical decisions in a heavy handed loss to their main title contenders. Mourinho, of course, ignored all the chances and dominant periods Manchester City had, calling it a fake result.

If the 1-0 was a doubtful result at minute 70, 3-0 is completely fake. At 1-0 Chelsea were the best team for the whole second half. After our second half a 1-0 result would be unfair, so imagine the 2-0 or the 3-0. They were the best team in the first half. They controlled the game and create chances. We were comfortable with the ball but defensively we were quite fragile. In the second half, everything changed. We brought our defensive line to the midfield line. We pressed them and we created chances. We had lots of space in midfield. The second goal was out of context. We were punished for our mistakes for the second and third goal.

Losing to Bradford City 4-2 in the FA Cup

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Besides the league, Chelsea had very little to celebrate in 2014-2015, despite the League Cup. One of the season’s low moments was in the fourth round of the FA Cup (second match for Premier League teams), when Chelsea were stunned by Bradford at Stamford Bridge 4-2. When losing to smaller sides, Mourinho usually blames his players, not the referee or something else.

Frustration is not the right word – embarrassed would be more appropriate. It’s a disgrace, a sports disgrace, but it’s a disgrace. I know in the history of the competition this happens now and again. For me it’s the first time, for Chelsea not a lot. I think it is unacceptable to lose against a team from a lower league.

Tottenham beat Chelsea 5-3

Tottenham beat Chelsea
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One of only three league losses last season (and one of them was a garbage time defeat to West Brom), this New Year’s day derby was one of Harry Kane’s most significant moments in his breakout season, scoring twice as the Chelsea defense simply couldn’t handle Spurs’ speed and power, something they weren’t consistent in showing last season. Mourinho? He preferred criticizing the referee.

‘I can go in another direction and say what we all know, which is, with the result 1-0, one clear action could make it 2-0. ‘Normally, at 2-0, the result would be completely different and the history of the game would be different. You are talking about handball. Why do you want me to speak? You all know. ‘I don’t think we need clarification when there are no doubts. When you have doubts, when the situation is not clear, I think the discussion comes good.

Losing 3-1 at home to Atletico Madrid in the Champions League

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Mourinho famously ordered his players to park the bus in the first leg of the 2014 Champions League semifinals. But trying to play a bit more openly in the second leg, at home, resulted in an awful performance while Atletico Madrid, a team Chelsea later on couldn’t stop buying players from, thrived in the space they had to roam, showing they’re a better football team. When losing in Europe, Mourinho usually sticks to criticizing his own players, not the referee or the other team.

The difference was one moment in the second half, where the Atlético goalkeeper makes an impossible save from John Terry’s header, an amazing save, and instead of 2-1 to Chelsea a few minutes later we concede a penalty. After that, there was only one team on the pitch. My team played with pride, honour and professionalism, but we had immediately the feeling the game was lost.

Barcelona Avenge Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in the Champions League

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Chelsea held a 1-0 lead in the first leg of the round of 16 clash between the two teams but lost with a John Terry own goal and an 80th minute winner from Samuel Eto’o. The most memorable moment of that match was Asier del Horno ruthlessly challenging Lionel Messi with a kick to the knee. Mourinho pretty much forgot about Del Horno after that match, but blamed Messi for acting in that case, despite the clear and violent foul. There’s nothing Mourinho hates more than losing to Barcelona.

Barcelona is a cultural city with many great theatres and this boy, Lionel Messi has learned very well. He’s learned play-acting.

A few final words

Mourinho, as Chelsea manager, has a few more “painful” defeats through the years. Most memorable of them are twice to Liverpool in the Champions League semi finals (2005, 2007), which in one of them he complained about the ‘no goal’ by Luis Garcia (which was allowed despite not crossing the line. A Chelsea player stopped it with his hand. It should have been a penalty and red card, so Mourinho wasn’t exactly screwed on that occasion) and in the other lost on a penalty shootout. Mourinho of course said the other team dragged the match to it. And then there was the double dream dashed in 2006 by Liverpool in the FA Cup semifinals. But big defeats? In England? Only twice have Chelsea lost by three goals, and even two-goal defeats are rare.