25 Best Memes of Daniel Murphy & the New York Mets Almost Sweeping the Chicago Cubs

It’s one more win from a sweep, as the combination of Daniel Murphy and the curse are keeping the Chicago Cubs from fulfilling the Back to the Future prediction of the team winning a World Series in 2015. The New York Mets playing quite well, as the memes suggest, has something to do with too.

It’s October 21, 2015, which is the day Marty McFly arrives along with Doc Brown in 2015 according to the Back to the Future II timeline. He sees a big sign congratulating the Cubs on winning the World Series. In reality, it’s getting closer to completing 107 years without a championship, and 70 years since their last World Series and the beginning of the curse.

There was also some weird officiating by the umpire which helped the Cubs get away with a thing or two. Despite the ivy around the walls coming in handy, the Daniel Murphy home run surge and the Mets’ pitching once again left the Cubs looking for answers and being unable to find them.

The Mets aren’t exactly the epitome of MLB success, especially not over the last nine years. But they show once again that great pitching and one or two bats getting hot at the right time regardless of what happened in the regular season provides the right recipe for postseason success.

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