36 Best Memes of the New York Mets Completing a Sweep of the Chicago Cubs

It’s official: The Curse of Billy the Goat lives on, as the Chicago Cubs get swept by the New York Mets in the NLCS. For once, the meme makers didn’t focus on Daniel Murphy bombing home runs, instead looking at how bad things are for the Cubs, at least at this moment.

It probably had nothing to do with the curse. Just like Back to the Future saying the Cubs win it in 2015 had nothing to do with reality. The Cubs were great at the end of the season, excellent in the series against the Cardinals, but incompetent in the series against the Mets. Yes, the often forgotten sister of the New York Yankees are that good.

Not that there’s too much to feel sorry about for the Cubs. They’re a young team with plenty of talent, that should have a very bright future as long as they don’t mess thing up. But for now, they need to watch the Mets, in the World Series for the first time since 2000, drowning in champagne as they celebrate the NL pennant.

And there’s plenty to celebrate for a team that until the All-Star break looked out of the picture. They might lose Murphy at the end of the playoffs to free agency, but if he helps them win a World Series, their first since 1986, they’ll be able to live with it.

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