25 Best Memes of the Dallas Cowboys Season Falling Apart

The change at quarterback from Brandon Weeden to Matt Cassel didn’t turn things around for the Dallas Cowboys. They’re still losing, still missing Tony Romo and Dez Bryant, and are still the laughing stock of meme makers.

The team some thought were favored to win the NFC finds itself at the bottom of the NFC East, even below the Washington Redskins. Tony Romo isn’t going to be back before November 22. Bryant might be back next week. In the meantime, Weeden and Cassel, each in his own turn, have been losing game for a good defense, a great offensive line and a not too shabby running game.

The New York Giants weren’t too great. They simply avoided making mistakes, and when you’re playing against a quarterback like Cassel, that is all that matters. It was his first start this season which means he could get better, but the margin for error is almost at zero for the Cowboys after their 2-4 start.

If there’s any fanbase with the “right” to complain and make excuses for how this season is going for them it’s the Dallas Cowboys one. However, be it fair reasons or not, it’s not going ot bring back the almost lost season by now, knowing that Romo isn’t getting any younger, and replacing a franchise quarterback is rarely a smooth transition.

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