NFL Rumors – Seattle Seahawks in Perfect Position to be at .500 Again

Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks keep trying to find some consistency. In winning, on offense. Trying to claw their way back to .500, which opens up more opportunities to think about making the playoffs. Playing a Dallas Cowboys team that has lost four games in a row couldn’t have come at a better time.

The Seattle Seahawks have had a difficult time recovering from the Super Bowl loss. They’ve had a difficult time keeping players happy. It’s been difficult getting the offensive line to block properly, and losing a key member to the so far disappointing Jimmy Graham trade hasn’t helped either. Playing a team on a four game losing streak comes in handy following a possibly momentum building win, but it might sound a bit easier than it actually is.

One big problem for the Seahawks in Dallas will be the offensive line. There’s nothing new about it, with Russell Wilson sacked 31 times so far this season, more than anyone else in the league. But to make things worse, Russell Okung might not even play, leaving the left tackle position to Alvin Bailey. Russell Wilson has already taken a lot of punishment this season, leading to poor performances by Wilson and the Seahawks offense. Against an improving Cowboys defense and pass rush, this could mean more trouble where the Seahawks are trying to fix things.

Dez Bryant playing is another headache, but he is coming back after almost two months of being out of the picture. Just like last season, Richard Sherman will shadow him. Sherman isn’t locking receivers down this season, but he couldn’t handle Bryant on his own last year as well. They key is making sure Matt Cassel doesn’t feel all too comfortable all of a sudden. There’s a good chance that him being himself might help the Seahawks take care of that.

The season is slipping away from the Seahawks at an alarming rate. Being 3-4 in the NFC isn’t good enough. Not with the Arizona Cardinals, despite inconsistencies, looking like the most complete team in the division, and the St. Louis Rams suddenly finding a running game. With the Cardinals coming up after the visit to Dallas, heading into that game without a win over the Cowboys might be the final proof that this Seattle team isn’t going anywhere this season.

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