19 Best Memes of Jurgen Klopp & Liverpool Turning Jose Mourinho & Chelsea Into Even More of a Joke

Nothing goes right for Jose Mourinho this season as Chelsea and he especially become even more of a memes ridiculing target after a home loss to Liverpool and their man of the moment, Jurgen Klopp.

Klopp has already knocked Mourinho out of the Champions League once with Dortmund (facing Real Madrid). Now he seems to be pushing Mourinho closer and closer towards personal paranoia and delirium, while the rumors of Mourinho soon getting sacked become louder and louder.

Mourinho pulling off another weird post match interview and press conference didn’t help. The me against the world act is getting boring and stale, especially when you have the most violent player in the Premier League on your team, who keeps getting away with trying to injure opponents under the eye of referees.

When does the misery end for Mourinho? Maybe it doesn’t, not before his second tenure at the club ends. Right now it seems like nothing he does gets a positive response from the players on the field. At some point, he, or the club’s owner, are going to have enough.

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