30 Best Memes of the Kansas City Royals Beating the New York Mets to Win the World Series

The 2015 World Series is over as the New York Mets find another way to make themselves the stars of the day-after memes, losing game 5 and the series to the Kansas City Royals by leaving Matt Harvey in for too long, and letting it all fall apart.

Harvey follows Daniel Murphy in late-game mistakes that deny the Mets a chance to take the series back to Kansas City. The Royals, once again, wait with patience until the Mets implode and then take over a game.

In the ongoing discussion about what it takes to win a World Series, turns out good hitting, patient hitting and a bullpen that doesn’t make mistakes beats out having three or four starting pitchers who can go deep. Preferably, it’s better not to have a manager who makes mistakes when it comes to when he pulls out his starter and who he puts in for him.

And for the Royals, it’s a Golden Age. Their second World Series title, waiting 30 years for it to come. It was 29 years with no playoffs, and then two World Series visits in two years? It’s a changing, whole new world out there. But it doesn’t have room for a championship Mets team. It’s not that progressive.

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