NFL Rumors – Washington Redskins Stuck With Robert Griffin III, a Player Nobody Wants

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Considering all the problems the Washington Redskins have as an organization, it’s quite a wonder they’re still in the playoff picture after week 8, although it has more to do with the NFC East than their incredible ability. One thing is without a doubt or any kind of murkiness over the subject: They’d love to get rid of Robert Griffin III, but he’s untradeable at this point.

Of all the bad decisions the Redskins have made in recent years, picking up Griffin’s 2016 option worth $16.1 million (and cap hit as well) has to be the worst. It’s not just the money they’re losing, but the inability to move on from a quarterback that’s no longer in anyone’s plans for the future. It might not be Kirk Cousins, whether you like it or not, who’ll lead them into the next few years, but it’s definitely not Griffin.

His option is guaranteed, injury or whatever. The Redskins were sitting by the phone as the trade deadline went by, hoping for someone to call. If it wasn’t for that cap hit, someone would have gambled on him. He was good once, and that little bit of credit from his rookie season still lingers on in some GM’s minds. It would have been worth a game or two before he gets cut, unless the unlikely happens and he ends up winning a starting job somewhere.

So, conclusion? Griffin stays in Washington, where he’s becoming less and less relevant, which is just fine for pretty much everyone, maybe even Dan Snyder, because it means there’s no quarterback controversy. Cousins can throw all the interceptions he wants, and Griffin still won’t find himself back on the field. When the 2016 season is over, it’ll be time for him to try and find a team that keeps his NFL career alive. Maybe it’s already too late for that to happen.

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