19 Best Memes of Andrew Luck & the Indianapolis Colts Finally Stopping Peyton Manning & the Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos finally lose, as Peyton Manning and Aqib Talib star in the memes making fun of the team, each for his own reason, while Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts take a backseat to all the attention.

When the Colts win, the civil war general meme that works so well with Luck doesn’t stick. Instead, Talib poking the eyes of players like he’s one of the three stooges or Jose Mourinho, which is worse.

Manning needed just three yards to set the new all-time record for career passing yards, pretty much the only major record he doesn’t own. He’ll get it next time, hopefully with less than two interceptions to his name, a growing problem, just like his weakening arm, which is difficult to ignore.

Luck and the Colts were great for a half, but there’s a reason this time has been so inconsistent this season. They might be the best in the AFC South, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s hard to see them going very far in the playoffs without drastic improvement.

No longer undefeated Three of these Peyton is choking No Mercy A little luck Bronco Intergiry Quest for six losses Just here to poke Talib poke Like a dog Talib be like Manning face Talib coming at ya Always next week The world may never know Asking Tom Defense vs Talib Luck the Patriot Mo for the Broncos

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