17 Best Memes of the Seattle Seahawks Choking Against the Arizona Cardinals

Every time the Seattle Seahawks see the light someone shuts it off for them, losing to the Arizona Cardinals with another blown fourth quarter lead and a lot of memes gloating as the playoffs start to look more and more difficult to reach.

The Cardinals dropped 39 points on the Seahawks, the most ever against the franchise. Last season, the Cardinals scored 9 points in two games against the Seahawks. Combined. Tells you something about how the Seahawks defense is doing this season when it faces a real challenge.

The Seahawks fall to 4-5, now three games behind the Cardinals, with another fourth quarter lead blown. They didn’t lead from the start – they got a 29-25 lead with 13 minutes to go thanks to a Bobby Wagner touchdown. However, the defense collapsed and the offense couldn’t answer back.

Sometimes negative momentum follows you around, The Super Bowl loss, followed by a rough offseason with holdouts and unhappy players, to the kind of football the Seahawks are playing right now. They’re not terrible, but they’re no longer good enough to seem like a threat to anyone in the NFC.

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