Best Meme of Rob Ryan Fired by the New Orleans Saints

The numbers have suggested Rob Ryan isn’t doing a good job as a defensive coordinator for quite some time. It took the New Orleans Saints two seasons and 10 games to let go of him, and the memes making fun of his misfortune were soon to follow.

Ryan enjoyed a reputation as a successful defensive coordinator for a while, but the numbers in his work with the Oakland Raiders, Dallas Cowboys, Cleveland Browns and New Orleans Saints simply don’t add up to the perception of him upgrading a team’s defense.

He did help the Saints in 2013 after an awful 2012, but it had more to do with the very weak schedule and the super low standards he had to match up against. The Saints were 28th in points allowed last season and 31st in yards allowed. This season they’re at the bottom of the points allowed, giving up 31.5 per game. They’re also rock bottom with 424.7 yards allowed per game, a combination that couldn’t keep him at his job.

The Saints are on their way to miss the playoffs for a second straight season, something almost unheard of in the Sean Payton-Drew Brees era, soon coming to an end. Ryan has been a big part of the team’s dysfunctionality over the last two seasons, although it obviously comes with not having the best of players to work with. He might not work as a DC again, not before he goes through other lesser roles for a short while, at least in the NFL.

All that, and the best meme is a fat joke. That’s humor for you.

Rob Ryan Fat Meme

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