LeBron James Might be Salty, But He’s Right About the Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson

The Golden State Warriors might be answering every possible challenge and critic that has annoyed them over the last year or so, but LeBron James has his say on the matter, and while he might sound a bit salty for bringing up the injury and health issue, he does have a point.

They’ve been healthy. They’ve been the most healthy team I’ve ever seen in NBA history & they have great talent.

The Warriors hate to hear about the injury issue, or how they didn’t have any that mattered last season. Andrew Bogut did miss 15 games last season, but we saw how the Warriors played when he wasn’t on the floor in the NBA Finals or in this season. They’re at their best with lineups that don’t include a traditional big man, instead have Stephen Curry with four other players ranging between 6’5 and 6’9 who can do pretty much everything on both sides of the court.

But LeBron James is right. The Cavaliers, built around LeBron James but with two All-Star caliber players in Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving, had to play for 5 games in the NBA Finals without those two complimentary pieces to James. The Warriors? They might have missed David Lee during the season, but Steve Kerr (with Jerry West whispering in his ear) didn’t want to use him anyway unless he had no choice. The Warriors were lucky enough to have their key players healthy all season and through the playoffs.

Now, championship teams that feel slighted since last summer don’t like hearing this talk. And maybe this does come from James feeling like he didn’t get a fair go at the Warriors in June, but part of a championship run is staying healthy or having the luck to be healthy at the right time. The Warriors, going 15-0 this season with pretty much the same group of players, are proving that it had nothing to do with luck, or at least it was a lot more about their skills and ability.

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