2015 College Football Season – Week 12 BCS Standings

The hypothetical BCS standings following week 12 of the 2015 college football season aren’t that different from the College Football Playoff committee decisions. Clemson, Alabama and Iowa in the top 4 while Notre Dame instead of Oklahoma to complete the picture, with the Sooners and Michigan State looking from the outside on a playoff spot they’re hoping to get.

Clemson and Alabama are the only two teams that are in the top 4 in all polls and computer rankings, with Clemson getting five number 1’s and Alabama with two. Iowa are number one on the A&H, but also number 10, number 8 and number 17 on different rankings. Notre Dame hover between number three and number 6 on the polls/computer ratings, and have a stronger computer ranking than Iowa, and the same goes for Oklahoma and Michigan State.

2015 BCS Standings - Week 12
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These hypothetical rankings were made by taking the AP Poll as part of the human factor instead of the Harris poll which doesn’t exist anymore. Combine that with the Coaches poll to the results provided by six different computers (Anderson & Hester College Football Computer RankingsBillingsly ReportColley MatrixMassey RatingsJeff Sagarin’s College Football RankingsPeter Wolfe’s Rankings) and you get more or less the BCS.

The big losers of this week are Ohio State, falling to number 8 and getting just one rating system that puts them in the top 4, and Oklahoma State who fall to number 10 on this list due to their loss against the Baylor Bears, who put themselves in an interesting position at number 7. TCU, another Big 12 school that lost against Oklahoma (second loss of the season) falls to number 15 in the proxy BCS, without a chance of winning the conference anymore.

Navy are the highest ranked of the non Power 5 conferences at number 14, with Houston and Toledo also on the list. Stanford lead the Pac-12 repping at number 12, while UCLA, one of the two teams that can still win the Pac-12 South, are at number 20. Washington State and LSU who got very little love from the human polls this week are in thanks to computer ratings which seem to love LSU despite their three consecutive losses, but that is usually the case with SEC teams.