NFL Rumors – San Francisco 49ers Running out of Scapegoats

Jim Tomsula

The San Francisco 49ers have very ambitious men at the top of the pyramid. So ambitious that Jim Harbaugh was fired because of one 8-8 season (and things going on off the field between him and the owners/general manager). Colin Kaepernick was benched and blamed for the team doing poorly in 2015, and now he’s out for the season and maybe for good, at least with the Niners. What’s next? Who is left to blame? Head coach Jim Tomsula?

A lot of eyebrows were raised when Tomsula was hired as the head coach to replace Harbaugh. Promoting an inside guy isn’t out of the ordinary, but Tomsula was never a coordinator, not at the pro level or college, which made him rise to the HC position rare and surprising. Being a company man might have been his best asset, because he was never talked about or referenced to as one of the brilliant line coaches in the NFL or something of the sort, if there even is such a thing.

There’s no word from the front office or hints at his future, just rumors. But the facts are that Tomsula and the Niners are doing poorly. Maybe it’s York and Baalke who should be blamed (more than maybe), but they run this team, and will never own up to their own mistakes, which was taking a team that was 7-4 going into Thanksgiving last season and going 4-11 since while taking apart an incredibly successful team in a matter of one offseason.

There’s also the problem of what comes next season, if Tomsula is fired. With the franchise being such a mess, why would anyone want to put his head into that sickbed, except those company men, yes men, who rarely are coaching talents that can bring out the best of their players. The mass exodus during the offseason had a thing or two to do with players simply wanting to stay away from this rotten situation, and the current state of things isn’t likely to get better in the near future, with Tomsula or without him.

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