NBA Rumors – Golden State Warriors Never Thought It’d be This Easy

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The 16-0 game was probably the easiest of them all for the Golden State Warriors. But life is easy these days when Kobe Bryant drags the Los Angeles Lakers into depths previously unimaginable for such a franchise.

Well, it’s not just Bryant. There’s the ownership. There’s Byron Scott. It’s not Bryant alone. But shooting 1-of-14 from the field in a selfish, egotistical attempt to stay relevant and show he can be a factor in this league ended up being embarrassing. Warriors players were actually surprised he was that bad, that he had fallen to a new low in terms of his physical ability and overall as a basketball player. It clashes with ¬†with the biggest ego in the NBA, one of the biggest the league has ever seen.

And the interesting thing was how un-smart it was for the Lakers to play the way they did. However, this is a Byron Scott team we’re talking about, with Bryant, a player with a foot and a knee out of the league as its centerpiece. Luke Walton, not even a head coach but someone filling in for one, is already a better head coach than Scott ever was. The Warriors are more talented by a million miles than the current Lakers team. Beating them would have taken something other than an individual effort.

And the Warriors? This wasn’t even a very good game from them. It simply looked that way because of how pathetic the Lakers have become. No one needed to play more than 30 minutes in a game decided before the halftime horn was heard in the Oracle Arena. The Warriors are a team competing with history. Beating one of the worst teams in the league, and maybe the worst in Lakers history, is even less than an afterthought for them at this point.