MLB Rumors – Chicago Cubs & New York Mets Interested in Signing Marcell Ozuna

Marcell Ozuna

The 25-year old Marcell Ozuna is likely to be traded this offseason by the Miami Marlins, unless they suddenly decide they feel like competing in 2016. But if they don’t, or maybe they start out wanting it before failing miserably, Ozuna is going to draw the interest of the Chicago Cubs and New York Mets.

The center fielder was actually demoted over the summer and came back a lot better, hitting a .278 with six home runs and 18 RBIs after getting back to the first team in August. He finished the year, his third in the Majors, hitting .259 with 10 home runs and 44 RBIs, although his WAR dropped to just 0.4 following his terrible first half of the season.

The Mets would love weakening a team from their own division as long as it doesn’t cost too much in terms of prospects, while the Cubs are looking for some more nice hitting from their outfield, and Mozuna might be a not so expensive option as he’s one year away from arbitration, and will not end up costing them too much young talent they highly regard.

Ozuna has been part of three bad seasons with the Marlins, who have won 62, 77 and 71 during his time with the team. Going to the Mets or Cubs could promise him a taste of playing in the playoffs or at least trying to get there, something that’s not currently on the horizon for the Marlins.

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