MLB Rumors – Minnesota Twins and the Joe Mauer Lineup Problem

Joe Mauer

Will the Minnesota Twins move Joe Mauer down the lineup? His hitting numbers suggest it might be time, but teams don’t often do the right thing, even when it’s right in front of them.

Mauer, 32, coming off a rare injury free season, just isn’t the hitter he once was. Obviously, his lows are different than others, hitting .265 last season with 10 home runs, the lowest batting average of his career (.313 in 12 seasons).

He’s no longer the player he was, which helped him win one AL MVP, make the All-Star game six times, win three gold gloves and four silver slugger awards. But Mauer has a special place on this team because of being a Minnesota guy from the day he was born.

But fans want to see him move down the batting order, while manager Paul Molitor seems reluctant to make that kind of change. However, if the Twins do sign Byung-Ho Park (if they ever work out a deal with him), that change might actually happen. The South Korean star has 105 home runs in the last two seasons for the Nexen Heroes, and his arrival might be the only thing that pushes Mauer down the order, filling the DH slot.

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