6 Sports Video Games for Sale on Black Friday Deals

Among the many things for sale on Black Friday Deals are video games, including those for sports fans like EA Sports’ NHL 16, FIFA 16 and Need for Speed, with Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, Forza Motorsport 6 and MLB 15: The Show also included. Considering the mayhem in stores right now, enhancing your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One experience from the comfort of your home is priceless.

NHL 16 & SteelBook for the Xbox One / PlayStation 4

NHL 16 Xbox One

EA Sports latest take on NHL simulation comes with an official SteelBook, an Amazon Exclusive. A SteelBook is a limited, high quality, premium metal case. Available for $39.99, saving you $20 from the original price.

FIFA 16 & SteelBook for the Xbox One / PlayStation 4 / Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3

Fifa 16 PS4


The best soccer/football game on the market, it comes with a feature of Interception Intelligence, so you can control how aggressive your teammates are on the ball.  Lionel Messi was motion captured to create an innovative dribble control system that gives players the freedom to decide not just how, but when to touch the ball. Available for $39.99, $20 less than the original price.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 – PlayStation 4 / Xbox One

PES 2016 PS4

Another soccer video game, the main competitor to EA Sports’ FIFA. The offers on the PlayStation consoles vary in price depending on console. It’s $29.99 for the Xbox One, saving $20, and $39.99 for the PlayStation 4, saving the same amount.

Need for Speed for Xbox One / PlayStation 4

Need for Speed


The latest edition of the racing-but-a-lot-more franchise by EA Sports is coming out on December 6, and pre-ordering it on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 comes with a pretty nice discount. There’s the standard, Deluxe and Steelbook versions, each offering a different price and discount. The standard one is at $34.99, saving $25.

Forza Motorsport 6 – Xbox One

Forza Motorsport 6

Another racing game with a lot of variations depending on the edition (Standard through VIP Membership) and be it Xbox One or Xbox One digital. The lowest price is $34.99, saving $25.

MLB 15: The Show

MLB The Show 15

On the PlayStation 4, the introduction of real time seasonal sun and shadows, revamped night lighting, and enhanced player personality help make MLB 15 The Show the most authentic baseball experience yet. On the PS4, it comes at a price of $19.99 for the standard deal (saving $10) while the loaded 10th anniversary edition comes at $58.89, saving you $11.10.