10 Best Memes of Kobe Bryant Retiring

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The smartest thing Kobe Bryant has done in a very long time is announce his retirement while the criticism against him is at an all-time high. Now, like these memes, the Los Angeles Lakers legend can be as bad as he wants to be (and believe me, he’s terrible) and get away with it.

Bryant will retire with 20 NBA seasons under his wings. Five NBA championships, one regular season MVP, two Finals MVP. The greatest scorer in the history of the Lakers, and maybe the greatest Laker of them all (although I prefer to put Magic Johnson on that pedestal).

Bryant wanted a sixth championship ring, just like Michael Jordan. He wanted to be the league’s all-time greatest scorer. But he ran out of gas. His body is breaking down, and the sad thing about Bryant is that he keeps trying to play like he’s four-five years younger. Luckily for him, he’s allowed to now, because of this being his retirement tour.

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