MLB Rumors – Cleveland Indians Interested in Shane Victorino

Shane Victorino

The Cleveland Indians have been interested in Shane Victorino before, and it seems that this offseason they might finally land the former Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Angels outfielder.

Victorino, 34, was traded last season by the Red Sox, a team he has played for two and a bit seasons, helping them win a World Series in 2013. He played 38 games for the Angels, hitting just .214 with 0 home runs. Not that power has been a big part of his game, but it’s been a couple of years since his hitting has been lineup-spot worthy. He hit .294 in 2013, winning a gold glove and getting a few MVP votes as well. His defense is still enough for the Indians to be interested in him.

The Indians offered him a four-year deal before the 2013 season, and who knows what they missed out on, although Victorino probably doesn’t feel any regret about his decision. Making $13 million a season with the Red Sox until they dumped him to the Angels, he can expect a far lower pay, but maybe he’ll see a contract of two years coming his way. The Indians need someone in the outfield with Michael Brantley out for the beginning of the 2016 season.

Victorino has been in Baseball since 2003, playing for the Padres, Phillies (winning a World Series with them), Dodgers, Red Sox and Angels. He has made the All-Star game twice (2009, 2011) and four gold glove awards. He has hit 108 home runs with 489 RBIs during his career, batting a .275. The Indians are hopeful his stint with the Angels last season isn’t indicative of the rest of his career, and that he has a few more years of solid hitting.

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